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<2011 Survey Report on the Chinese people love and marriage> released

05 Jan 2012 3:58 AM | Anonymous

Love you have and the income-related monthly

Published: 15:37:22 January 5,2012  

Lead: <2011 Survey Report on the Chinese people love and marriage> yesterday released: 50 384 valid questionnaires, a total of nearly 80% of single women believe that men surveyed more than 4,000 yuan monthly income only with love, compared to the 2010 survey results to improve more than 10 percent of which 27.1% of people believe that men only monthly income of 10,000 yuan or more for love. (<<China Radio Network>> January 5)

Text / ZHANG Hong-Quan

Monthly income of 10,000 yuan a man to love, it looks like a very funny, but the hearts of some of the girls is actually the benchmark, while in fact, and the basic monthly salary of million of love can only do mistress.

Beijing, for example, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics survey in 2011, the average wage of workers in the city is about 53,944 yuan per capita less than 5,000 yuan monthly salary, while university graduates, mostly 3000,4000 yuan monthly salary, basically Some women love to achieve the standard. It is said that some of the retail industry to do better, but also 7,000 yuan, obviously does not meet 27( of girls looking for a monthly salary of ten thousand yuan boyfriend's overall needs.

In more second-tier cities, the young million monthly income is rare, through work, work to achieve the basic monthly salary of million can not, young, high income, good basic non-official work is rich, but it said back, looking for the official second-generation, rich second husband to do, they have a pretty area, but you people want to do is another question.

In addition to the official second-generation, rich second stand on the basis of previous generations of development, can get high salary in the early days, in general, young people are not so good luck, unless it is smuggling, drug trafficking, and those bayonet head to lick the blood days, the pursuit of a man salary million girls, not really follow the flies up and eventually come to a conclusion, to round a monthly salary of ten thousand yuan Musical Dream, safe and money, the girls can only do 'successful men' of two milk, no other good way.

Fantasy based on the object to personal happiness, based on high-income, is sooner or later problems in recent years, the rich increased divorce rate, marriage is also evidence of the money may not be able reliable. Expect to find more girls from the monthly salary ten thousand yuan to get out of her husband's dream, with their own hands and wisdom to create a better future.


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