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Why Do You Need Matchmaking
And Dating Services?

l   Busy, long hours, shift work, or frequent ad-hoc business meeting, or travel frequently

l   Haven't met a compatible potential partner or soulmate

l   Working in a gender imbalance industry and lacking of opportunities for meeting the right one

l   Little dating experience, lack of confidence in dating initiation and communicating with the opposite gender.

l   Looking forward to breaking the situation of unrequited love or romance

l   Anxious about the future of life and eager to find a partner to share the joy and sorrow of life.

l   Want to have family and children

l   Many are married or engaged in my social circle. It is difficult to find a marriage-minded single for marriage!



  • 工作繁忙、需要輪班工作、常有突發會議,或經常出差
  • 未曾遇上能匹配或心儀的對象
  • 在男女失衡的行業工作,缺乏認識異性的機會
  • 缺乏拍拖經驗,對與異性溝通及交往缺乏信心。
  • 希望能打破單戀或失戀的局面
  • 單身的生活令我對未來的生活感到焦慮,渴望找到伴侶一起分享生活的喜與憂。
  •  我希望擁有家庭及自己的孩子
  • 自己的社交圈子很大,可是朋伴中很多都已婚或有另一半。 找一個真心想結婚的合適對象卻極難

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